Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

Me, myself and the Falsies.

Hello Betches!

Today for you, something I've been growing on for the last six month. False eyelashes. I always had a quite big collection of them in my stash, but this was a collection in it's described way - I never used them. Mostly because I never felt the urge to wear them, because they appealed to me so uncomfortable, and I never figured out how to apply them properly. Nevertheless I kept on buying new ones, every now and then just because I thought they looked so pretty, or excused the purchase of a new pair with my go to explanation - "I need them for shootings/ my blog". 

Six or seven months ago, I bought my first Red Cherry Lashes, of course I bought a bunch of them, because all of them were so gorgeous. From classic everyday lashes to absolutely crazy long and dense ones, everything went into my basket. A few days after this, I had some time, and decided to try now for real, and do all the things you should do when you want to apply lashes, that sit for the whole day/night. 

I started with fitting them to my eyelids - have done that before but with some kind of eyeballing technique, then I applied the glue as suggested on almost any tutorial - little in the middle, "a lot" at the ends. And most importantly - waited for that stuff to get tacky as hell. I figured out that one of the biggest issues I ever had was not waiting long enough for them to get sticky. The next step I overthought, was the curling and applying mascara at first - I decided to skip that step and do the absolut opposite. My eyelashes are really really curled up at the outer eyecorners - so I curled them downwards, because I always sticked the lashes on top or inbetween my natural lashes and was wondering why they didn't sit as I wanted them to. So I took a serious minute to place them where I wanted them, and surprise - they looked fabulous. Even without any liner underneath to cover the lashband.

So this was the beginning of falsie-galore. From this day on, I wore falsies more often, and everything kind of took it's own way. I'm at a point now, the lashes I wore half a year ago look just cute to me but I would never wear them for a night out anymore - why? Because they're wayyy too natural looking and don't give me that vintage-y pin-up feel anymore. 

I decided to write this post about my now beloved falsies, a few nights before, when I sat there and ordered a hilarious amount of new Red Cherry Lashes. Because the collection, obviously got smaller and smaller when I started to really use them lashes :D 

So why Red Cherry Lashes? I've tried a lot of different brands, from cheap ass lashes I got a KiK for a euro to MAC lashes, anything was on my eyelids. And I fell for the awesome AND affordable Red Cherry ones. The lashbands are perfectly bendable and really sit on your lids like heaven, the lashes itself are 100% human hair, and the variety of different kinds is amazing as well. I did love the MAC ones as well, but I am absolutely not willed to pay so much money on a product I will wear at most about 5 times ( and the danger of forgetting them somewhere is somewhat omnipresent :D ).

This post wouldn't be fun without some falsie-pics - so here you are, in badass IPhone camera quality - because ain't nobody got time for proper pics ( I'm sorry, I'll try to go on with my Canon from now on again ).

Started with nice and somewhat natural lashes and ended up with gorgeous and sometimes hilarious almost drag-ish falsies. And I love me monstrous falsies.

The probably worst quality pic, ever posted on this blog - ta-daaaaaa! I guess these were the biggest ones I owned that time.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey from tiny natural lash stumps to humongous false lashes that could blow you away with a blink ;). Tell me if you want an application video, or if you think that's enough for that subject!

xoxo Anna

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Time for a change!

The whole Blog-concept is going to be a little different from now on. Anybody recognized, that I post every once in a while a tutorial, promising to continue you on a regulary basis from now on. And surprise, surprise - it never happens. 

Now I tell you why, and how I want to continue here in the future. The whole makeup - beautyblogger community, with their tenor on how beautiful everybodies mint colored wall is, reviewing the 1238403 time a limited product and rave about free products, because they're sooo good, just pisses me off. And I decided not to be a part of this circle anymore. I know what I'm going to say will hit hard on some people and  offend a lot of others. But I actually don't care. 

I started to read blogs at a time not thousands of them existed, there were a few, and these few made an effort. These few blogs, wrote interesting blogposts, put a thought in what they did, and as I think did it because it's their passion.

Today I'm confronted with blogs, that post three pictures of a nailpolish and write two sentences like "it's so beautiful you need it" and that's it. And before anybody screams out loud in front of their phones, laptops or tablets - I KNOW I HANDLED THINGS THE SAME WAY. 

But I no longer, want to load up effortless, thoughtless posts. Review a product the 100th time, for the sake of being able so say something, and if it's just that I recognized that the shade of the highlighter may not be pink as all other gazillions of bloggers said, no it's actually rosé. You get what I mean? It's just not fun anymore, it's nothing special anymore, and I bet I will find no one in my readers/followers whatever list, who can say "Hey, yeah I'm really looking forward to a new post by Anna". And I am not mad about it, because I can't say this anymore too.

A few years back, I was curious about the next posts of my fave bloggers. There were little stories told, I was entertained, it was a feeling like I buy my fucking InTouch Magazine every thursday. I WANTED to know what's going on with them, I was concerned when they didn't post anything for a longer period of time. Today - I just click the next post of a blogger I don't really like, but read because she writes about product as the first one. Lucky her...

It seems like almost every blog looks like the same, same colors, same themes, same font...It's just a boring mashup of the most popular blogs. So what's the thing with being unique again?

Uniformity is what you get nowadays, and I could throw up, when the next blog is being started in the  saaaame, boooring, pastell and fair manner as the thousands before them.

Cleaned out my closet, now I want to tell you what I want to do to step outside of the box. 

I WON'T post on a regulary basis - that's what I promise, I want to post things like this, stuff that moves me - and as it happens it CAN be makeup as well, but not the fucking 2873 limited edition that no one needs, because they all look the same just in a different package. 

This should become my place for my creativity. I have no idea where this roads gonna go or end, but I want to HAVE FUN again, when I post something. I want to be excited, I want to feel the need to share something with you again. The only thing I felt before I stopped writing was "how many followers will you gain with this post", "will you be the first one to post about this?" and so on. FUCK THAT!

Fun, passion, excitement and entertainment, for myself and for my readers.

So have a great day, don't be pissed if you feel offended and reflect a little bit.

xoxo Anna

Freitag, 13. September 2013

Halloween - Darth Maul

Hello Betches!

My favourite time of the year has started - the road to halloween. I decided to do video tutorials this year - so here I proudly present my first look - Darth Maul, the link to the video will be at the end of this post.

The list of products you will need is really short this time - it's simply black and red facepaint (I used aquacolors by Jofrica and Kryolan), red blush or eyeshadow to set anything and some brushes to apply all of it. The only thing I recommend doing before is covering your eyebrows - I used the gluestick method.

And here is the Tutorial for this look! Hope you Enjoy it!

xoxo Anna

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Insane how fast somebody can change his mind - meaning myself

Hello Betches!

About a year ago I wrote this "Tattoo&Piercing" Post. Quite a funny thing - a lovely reader reminded me of it, and told me that it's quite interesting how someone can change his opinion in just a year.

For those who don't want to click the link and read the whole post - I then wrote "I would go for anything tattooed on my body except for my face, neck and hands". Well a year later I've just got me face left. 

I thought some time about the fact that I threw my "No-Go's" over board within a year. After a few hours of repeatedly thinking I found the answer. 


A year ago I was still in nursing school, and honestly had no idea if I would get a job with a sleeve, but risked it, and was a bit frightened and acutally hid my arm when I went for the job interviews. There was always the saying that you will have problems finding work heavily tattooed, as a nurse. I mentioned in the post I wrote a year ago, that I had never problems during the years of school, and my practical experiences also never were bad - and that's true, nevertheless it's a difference between being a student and searching for a job.

Almost a year ago I found the job I always wanted, and was employed with a full covered underarm, but no other visible tattoos. I was thinking quite a time over the next steps, and decided two months ago, that I really don't give a *peep*. I got me secure job I love, and do it well as I can judge, and went for a thing I always had in my mind,  but never dared to dream about. Got me neck and knuckles tattooed. Guess what - nothing happened - I was not fired, nobody's yelling at me "leave - I don't want you to be my nurse" - absolutely nothing happened. I've to admit I was a bit scared of the first workday after the vacation I have had it done, but it was no big deal at all. 

So I'm going in a month for the rest of my neck and the back of my hands. Why? 


I think I'm quite an example for a person who's being looked on the street like an unemployed punk, but actually has an awesome job, and is working with people. I'm not sitting in a dark cellar and am not tried to remain hidden. I pay my bills and am heavily tattooed, I go to work in a profession I love, although I've heard more than once "You will never make it like you look like!".

This is not a recommendation for any person to get tattooed and give a fuck - but I also wanted to tell you the story of how things can change, in a persons life when you sometimes move outside the box.

xoxo Anna

new lipsticks betches + descovering another interesting brand to me

Hello betches!

Nothing much to tell, just working, partying and smearing make up to me face! A few weeks ago, I felt a lot like lipstick shopping, and as I cut my budget for cosmetics drastically (more money to party and wear the shit I buy), I didn't feel bad spending about €40 on two new honeys!

Focus on a lipstick out of MAC's Temperature Rising - "Feel my Pulse". A color that I'm constantly buying the last few months. As it was almost black lipsticks in winter '12 and vibrant neon pinks in summer '12, it's for this summer vibrant magenta violet tones. That's about all I got to say to this color - beautiful shade, although cremesheen and on the sheerer side, buildable to full opacity. It shows a light violet pearl effect - like it, makes it juicy! Same as all MAC lipsticks for about €20.

Second lipstick - I discovered finally by myself the Mist Stockholm store in Vienna - heard of it quite often, read of it a lot, but never felt the urge to visit. Same here - I was kind of falling into the store when I visited the comic book store next to it. After a quick look on eyeshadows and stuff (products that are absolutley not tickling my nerve in genereal - truly love my Sleek palettes - who needs single e/s anyway? just saying!), I stopped at the lipsticks and decided to find them interesting. I ended up buying a pink shade, that absolutely didn't look like this when I swatched it first. I first thought of MAC's "Chatterbox" when I saw it in the store - but when I applied it at home it was like BAM! The pigmentation is just insane - you see on the picture below just one soft "coat" of it. I absolutley forgot the name of the range, but I mean to know it was something "Longlasting" related. The color is called No.49, cost about €22.

xoxo Anna